PEREIRA Carlos Porto University

Antimicrobial Properties of ZnO Submicrometer Particles

Co-authors FERNANDES Paula, PEREIRA Pedro, RIBEIRO José, PINTO Vera, GOMES Joana, FERREIRA Maria José
Collaboration: CTCP - Portuguese Footwear Technological Centrer, Sao Joao da Madeira, Portugal, EU

Zinc oxide is widely used in the manufacture of a vast number of consumer goods and industrial applications. The employ of nano and sub-micrometer zinc oxide materials has recently been introduced as a more economic and more effective alternative to bulk zinc oxide. Furthermore zinc oxide is being used as antibacterial material since metal oxides are recognized as possessing antibacterial properties and are regarded as safe materials to human beings and animals. The present work aims to present our study on the antibacterial properties of zinc oxide particles prepared by a polyol thermal method. Spherical submicrometer ZnO particles were prepared and their antibacterial properties were tested in aqueous suspensions of E. coli bacteria. For ZnO concentrations higher than 50 ppm a inhibition of the growth rate of bacteria higher than 95 % is achieved.