KALINA Michal Brno University of Technology, Faculty of Chemistry, Materials Research Centre

Aggregation and Degradation Processes of Biopolymers and Biocolloids Studied by Light Scattering Techniques

Co-authors KLUČÁKOVÁ Martina, CHYTILOVÁ Aneta

The stability of natural substances is very important parameter, which nowadays still lacks for deeper research. The main aim of this work was to shed a new light in the area of natural substances ongoing aggregation and degradation processes especially in longer time scale. Any deviation of these natural substances, which are used in industrial productions, as final products for distribution to customers or just in long-term research, can cause serious problems such as different yield of product, bad purity or unfavourable property of obtained product, or in the case of research wrong result. All these effects are of course highly undesirable. This contribution presents light scattering techniques as easy and universal methods for studying of aggregation/degradation processes and time stability of selected group of biopolymers (bovine serum albumin, carboxymethyl cellulose, chitosan, glucose, hyaluronic acid, sucrose) and biocollods (humic acids). The experimental work and obtained results indicated suitability of all presented light scattering methods for purposes of discussed effects. The results also showed good correlation between different light scattering techniques. Combination of different light scattering techniques caused the results became more reliable, which was of course desirable.