VENKATARAMAN Mohanapriya Technical University of Liberec

Acoustic Properties of Aerogel Embedded Nonwoven Fabrics

Co-authors MISHRA Rajesh, ARUMUGAM Veerakumar, JAMSHAID Hafsa, MILITKY Jiri

In recent years, silica aerogel has attracted great attention and been extensively used in different technical fields due to its remarkable properties in optics, mechanics, acoustics etc. On the other front, nonwoven fabrics in general are ideal acoustical insulator due to their high volume-to-mass ratio. The material thickness, density, airflow resistance and porosity are important factors in determining the absorption behavior of nonwovens materials. This research examined the sound absorption properties of aerogel embedded (Polyethylene/polyester) nonwoven fabrics at different frequencies from 50 to 6400 Hz in the third octave frequency band. The impedance tube method was used for measuring the acoustical properties of the nonwoven fabrics. In this method, sound absorption coefficient was determined at each frequency in accordance with the ISO 10534-2 standards. The results showed that the aerogel embedded nonwoven fabrics have higher sound absorption coefficient which is suitable for acoustic application. The results of measurements were statistically analyzed by ANOVA and found to be significantly different.