CANLIER Ali Abdullah Gul University

Thin Films of Inert Metal Nanowires for Display Applications

Co-authors CITIR Murat, SEN Unali USTA Hakan

Synthesis of long and thin nanowires of inert metals such as platinum and gold has been a challenge of nanomaterial researchers. In order to both exploit the surface chemistry of these metals as thin films and overcome the difficulty of synthesizing long and thin nanowires of those, we developed a multi-step solvothermal method to make inert metal/metal core/shell nanowires. Electrospraying the new metal nanowires with inert metal shell onto the desired substrate can yield a thin film of inert metal. These films can be used as transparent electrode for electrochemical applications as well as transparent electrode for display and solar cell applications. Ag/Au core/shell nanowires of ca. 13 micron long and 60 nm in diameter has been synthesized. A sheet resistance of 22 ohm/sq, a optical transparency of ~90%, a haze ratio of 2-4% were achieved. Besides, these films are quite stable against aerial oxidation by preserving low sheet resistance after days of heating at 80 oC in air. ACKNOWLEDGEMENT: We would like to thank TUBITAK for supporting this work (Project No: 112M572 and 113C003). LITERATURE: [1] K. A. Sierros, N. J. Morris, K. Ramji, D.R. Cairns, Thin Solid Films, 517 (2009) 2590−2595. [2] T. Kim, A. Canlier, G. H. Kim, J. Choi, M. Park, S. M. Han, ACS Appl. Mater. Interfaces, 5 (2013) 788-794. [3] L. B. Hu, H. S. Kim, J. Y. Lee, P. Peumans, Y. Cui, ACS Nano, 4 (2010) 2955−2963.