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Reduced Titanate Nanotubes

Co-authors MOHYLA Martin

For reduction of titanate nanotubes were used a inert reduction agents for nanotubes. In particular, have been applied for preparation of reduced titanate nanotubes with several reduction organic compounds. Sodium dititanate was prepared by hydrothermal exfoliation of titanium oxide nanoparticles in concentrated hydroxide sodium solution. Acidic titanate nanotubes was created by ion exchange reaction of sodium salt titanate nanotubes with hydrochloric acid. Reduced titanate nanotubes was prepared by solid state reduction of titanate nanotubes by reaction with low valence of titanium compounds. Thermal stability and reoxidation of low valence titanium componuds was analyzed by thermal analysis (DSC/DTA). Phase and structure of nanotubes was determined by roentgen diffraction (XRD). Nanomorphology of nanotubes was displayed by scanning electron and atomic microscopy (SEM, AFM).