TUNCER Mustafa Dumlupinar University

Nanosize BaTiO3 Formation from Barium Titanyl Oxalate (BTO) Precursor under Hydrothermal Conditions

Co-authors RIMAN Richard, ATAKAN Vahit, GOCMEZ Hasan

The formation of BaTiO3 via the decomposition of Ba-Ti oxalate precursors by instant hydrothermal method (invented by Richard Riman et al., US 20110044876-A1) was studied. The tetramethylammonium hydroxide (TMAH) was used as a basic reagent. All decomposition studies were conducted at RT and 100 oC under the 1 atm of pressure. The effect of decomposition conditions (reactant concentration of oxalate and basic reagent, temperature, the type of solvent and surfactant) on the formation of BaTiO3 was examined.