HORÁČEK Miroslav Institute of Scientific Instruments ASCR, v.v.i.

Exposure Time Comparison between E-beam Writer with Gaussian Beam and Variable Shaped Beam

Co-authors KRÁTKÝ Stanislav, URBÁNEK Michal, KOLAŘÍK Vladimír, MELUZÍN Petr, MATĚJKA Milan, CHLUMSKÁ Jana

One of the main goals in e-beam lithography is to increase exposure speed to achieve higher throughput. There are basically two types of electron-beam writers, shaped beam lithography systems and Gaussian beam lithography systems. The exposure time of e-beam writers consist in essence of beam-on time, deflection system stabilization time and stage movement time. Exposure time testing was carried out on two types of patterns. There were completely filled in areas, binary period gratings (ratio 1:1 between exposed and unexposed areas), and multileveled structures (computer generated holograms). Exposures data was prepared according to standard technology (PMMA resist, exposure dose, non-alcoholic based developer) for both systems. The result of experiment shows that variable shaped beam system has advantage in multileveled structures while the Gaussian beam system is more suitable for gratings type of pattern. It was proved that combination of both systems has its use to increase exposures throughput.