MELUZÍN Petr Institute of Scientific Instruments AS CR, v.v.i.

Some Other Gratings: Benchmarks for Large-Area E-Beam Nanopatterning

Co-authors HORÁČEK Miroslav, URBÁNEK Michal, BOK Jan, KRÁTKÝ Stanislav, MATĚJKA Milan, CHLUMSKÁ Jana, KOLAŘÍK Vladimír

E-beam lithography is a flexible technology for diffraction gratings origination. Nevertheless, requirements of the high optical quality of large area diffractive structures imply various severe challenges to e-beam delineating processes. This paper summarizes the e-beam process parameters that influence the quality of large area grating structures. Next, we propose some new methods to prepare diffraction gratings that were found to be useful for testing and benchmarking purposes. Those methods include single line gratings, labyrinth structures, fractional structures, tiling patterns, quasi regular filling structures and forked line structures. Various samples were prepared with the standard and newly developed e-beam patterning processes using both e-beam writers available: one with the Gaussian beam at 100 keV and another one with the shaped beam at 15 keV. Some of the results are presented further in this paper, their variants and parameters are discussed as well as their usefulness as benchmarking e-beam patterns for large area optical structures, elements and devices.