WANG Yan Technical University of Liberec

Sorption Isotherm Study on Two Polyamide Nanofiberous Membranes

Co-authors WIENER Jakub, ZHU Guocheng

The aim of this study was to examine the different sorption properties between two polyamide 6 nanofibrous membranes. The electrospun polyamide 6 nanofibrous membranes with areal density respectively 1.26 (sample A) and 2.90 (sample B) g/m2 were used as the sorbent materials and the batch experiments were performed in room temperature for the sorption isotherm study. The acid dye (namely Color Index Acid blue 41) with concentration 0.01g/L was used. Experimental data was fitted with Langmuir and Freundlich isotherm respectively. BET test was taken for investigating the Nitrogen gas sorption property and the values of specific surface area. Result was compared and showed the BET surface area of sample A is 32.0m2/g which is over 2.6 times larger than sample B which indicated a much better gas sorption properties of sample A. However, the batch experimental data showed similar sorption properties of both samples in dye sorption from aqueous solution. Freundlich isotherm showed steeper increasing trend than Langmuir isotherm. The correlation coefficient R2 indicated that Langmuir isotherm fitted the experimental data better for both samples.