KRÁTKÝ Stanislav Institute of Scientific Instruments AS CR, v.v.i.

E-beam Nano-patterning for Electroforming Replication

Co-authors KOLAŘÍK Vladimír, URBÁNEK Michal, PATÁK Aleš, HORÁČEK Miroslav, MATĚJKA Milan

This contribution deals with nano-patterning by the way of electron beam lithography with satisfying requirements for electroforming replication of desired patterns. Electron beam lithography can be used for creating nano graphics (images, text etc.) due to its very high resolution and precision. However, patterns created by electron beam lithography cannot be applied for mass production directly because of resist material soft nature (usually a polymer material). Because of that, hard printing plate must be produced. Nickel plate prepared by electroforming is one of the ways to accomplish that. Prior to the production of nickel plate by electroforming, the surface of polymer material has to be covered by a sufficiently thick layer of metal. This procedure can lead to a partial destruction of the motif (completely covered by metal) thus the decreasing of nano graphics resolution. In this paper several nano graphics (images and text with various resolutions) are prepared in positive resist PMMA (thickness of 2000 nm) by e-beam lithography. Chemical developer (pentyl acetate) was used for wet developing of prepared patterns. The sputtering of silver (100 nm) was carried out to achieve sufficient thickness of conductive layer for electroforming. Electron scanning microscope was used for evaluation, which one of the images and texts are still recognizable.