KŘIKLAVOVÁ Lucie Technical University of Liberec

Nanoparticles as Antibacterial Fillers in Machining Process Fluids

Co-authors ŠKODOVÁ Petra, BAKALOVA Totka, VOLESKÝ Lukáš, LEDERER Tomáš

Process fluids are important as they help create appropriate conditions for machine cutting by improving heat transfer, thereby extending the life of the cutting tool and increasing surface quality of the product. It is essential, however, that one understands the process fluid characteristics (cooling, lubricating and/or cleaning effect, health issues, stability, pureness) and its appropriateness (environmental safety, operating life) prior to use. Increasingly, nanoparticles are being added to process fluids to increase their antibacterial properties, particularly as regards bacterial contamination. In this paper, the antibacterial properties of process fluid nanoparticles are evaluated, along with their availability and characteristics. While antibacterial effects on test bacteria were often difficult to determine due to process fluid and nanoparticle composition, results indicated that nanoparticles reduced bacterial respiratory rates by around 90%. The addition of nanoparticles had no discernable effect on the tribological characteristics of the process fluids.