PROCHÁZKA Aleš VSB - Technical University of Ostrava

Nanoparticle Pattern Formation by Using Vibration and Acoustic Characterization

Co-authors SLÍVA Aleš

The effect of vibration is commonly used in many applications and in many manufacturing or handling processes needed to increase the efficiency of various operations such as emulsification, granulation, mixing, etc. The paper deals with a formation of nanoparticles modified titanium dioxide in patterns on a vibrating mesh. The vibrating mesh is characterized by the fact of an air fluidization and also prevents the passage of air. Artificially creating areas on the vibrating mesh through which air can pass through can be targeted to a shape and create formation of resulting granules of nanoparticles. To create vibrations an amplified speaker has been used, in which the sounds have been generated by different constant frequency equal to the natural frequency sieves. Formation of nanoparticles has been carried out not only due to a vibration of a mesh, but above all the action of acoustic waves passing through artificially created area through which acoustic waves can act directly on nanoparticles. Formation of nanoparticles has been examined for the formation of various basic geometric shapes.