KYNCLOVÁ Hana Brno University of Technology

Thermal Stability of Gold Nanostructured Electrodes and Influence of Annealing on Electrochemical Impedance Measurements

Co-authors DRBOHLAVOVÁ Jana, SVATOŠ Vojtěch, HRDÝ Radim, PRÁŠEK Jan, HUBÁLEK Jaromír

Studying the influence of vacuum and atmospheric pressure annealing on the shape of gold nanostructures is crucial for detection purposes. The nanostructured surfaces on a tungsten substrate have been made by electrochemical anodic oxidation of the aluminium layer. The pulse deposition of gold has been consequently employed to fill the nanopores with the gold material. At first, the appropriate temperature for both types of annealing was experimentally determined. The fabricated surfaces were then annealed either in the air or in the vacuum. Characterization of differently treated surfaces (annealed in air, annealed in vacuum and non-annealed) was performed using electrochemical impedance spectroscopy with utilization of commercial conductivity solutions.