ORDOÑEZ-C Elsa Research Center of Advanced Materials

Numerical Calculation of Optical Properties of CNx at Low Concentrations for Differents Zigzag Chiralities

Co-authors ESPINOSA-M Francisco, TREJO-M Hector

We have performed a comparative study of optical properties between three cases of zig - zag [(6, 0), (8, 0) and (9, 0)] single wall carbon nanotubes (SWNT´s) doped with small amounts of nitrogen. The optical description was obtained using the magnitude of the static dielectric constant through the use of ab initio in the relaxed C-C bond length long-wavelength limit calculation. The parameters of the optical properties (reflectivity, absorption, conductivity and transmittance) were compared and discussed for each zig - zag SWNT´s between the nitrogen doped and not doped cases. According to our calculation, the main result is that the optical properties have a tendency to maintain its change as a function of increasing chirality and/or low concentration of nitrogen.