ŠUSTKOVÁ Hana Czech Technical University in Prague, Faculty of Electrical Engineering

Analysis of FinFET Characteristics with Gate Length Scalling

Co-authors VOVES Jan

The effect of gate length variations of a FinFET device (6 x 7 nm width and height) by performing 3D Silvaco TCAD simulations was investigated. In addition, comparative Atomistics ToolKit by QuantumWise simulations were done, with a view to TCAD / ATK functionality at quantum effects. Both systems use Non-Equilibrium Green Functions (NEGF) for electron quantum transport simulation. The ATK tool uses the real atom positions in the device crystal lattice for the Density Functional Theory (DFT) based calculations moreover. It is found that the gate length influences the drain current mostly for small voltages. Short gate transistors show the saturation current for clearly lower voltages, the saturation current for longer gates is achieved for higher voltages but gets lower values. Electron transmission functionality of system's energy has been analyzed as well. The ATK uses more precise quantum models, but the time consumption is enormous for the relative large structures as FinFET. 3D TCAD quantum model is sufficient for the faster analysis of quantum semiconductor device.