CHLUPOVÁ Alice Institute of Physics of Materials AS CR, v.v.i

Grain Refinement Effect on Fatique Properties of Austenitic Stainless Steel with Deformation Induced Martensite Formation

Co-authors MAN Jiří, POLÁK Jaroslav, ŠKORÍK Viktor, KARJALAINEN Pentti

Fatigue properties of metastable austenitic 301LN steel with coarse and ultrafine-grained microstructure were investigated at ambient temperature and the effect of grain refinement was evaluated. Two different microstructural states of material were introduced by different annealing conditions during special thermo-mechanical treatment. Fatigue life curves were obtained and compared for both coarse-grained and ultra-fine-grained states of austenitic stainless steel. Magnetic measurements before, during and after mechanical stress–strain loading were performed to reveal structural changes, i.e. formation of deformation-induced martensite in material. Relationship between microstructure refinement, phase composition and fatigue properties was discussed.