KALOUS Tomáš Technical University of Liberec

Electric Wind Phenomena during AC Colectorless Electrospinning

Co-authors POKORNÝ Pavel, LUKÁŠ David, SANETRNÍK Filip

This paper describes the electric wind phenomena occurring during colectorless altering current (AC) electrospinning. It will be shown that this phenomenon is the significant element for electrospinning generated from an alternating voltage power source. AC electrospinning is a highly productive novel method for the creation of various nanofibrous formations with specific properties. The electric wind enables easy manipulation of the nanofibrous mass rising from the electrode (in the form of smoke), which doesn´t require any collector. Investigation of this phenomenon is shown using two different methods. The first one uses a hot-wire anemometer for the collection of air speed data above an spinning electrode. The second one uses video analysis of the high-speed video camera data. Visual record of the working process allows the formulation of an hypothesis explaining mechanism of nanofibrous smoke transport away from the spinning electrode without using any additional source of wind or mechanical drawing. It is seen that, in a 3-4 cm distance from the electrode, coulombic forces are creating and accelerating the mass of the nanofibers. When the nanofibrous smoke exceeds this distance, the fibers are drifting away from the electrode in speeds that are comparable with measured electric wind values. This paper was created with financial support from TA ČR used in project - TA04010237.