YALCINKAYA Fatma Technical University of Liberec

Producing Antibacterial Textile Material by Weaving PVB/CuO Nanocomposite Fiber Covered Yarn

Co-authors KOMAREK Michal, LUBASOVA Daniela, SANETRNIK Filip, MARYSKA Jiri

Electrospinning is an efficient method for the production of polyvinyl butyral (PVB) nanofiber membranes that are suitable for water filtration. Layered fabric systems with electrospun PVB/copper oxide (CuO) nanocomposite fiber covered yarn developed to impart antibacterial functions to textile material. The motivation of this paper was preparation of antibacterial textile material. Prepare this hybrid yarn was to benefit from multi-functionality of nanofibers. Nanocomposite covered yarns were weaved in weaving machine. It was found out that by adding CuO nanoparticles, antibacterial efficiency of nanofiber covered yarn was improved.