ČERNOHORSKÝ Ondřej Czech Technical University in Prague

Deposition of PVP-protected Pt Nanoparticles on Semiconductor Substrates for Hydrogen Sensing

Co-authors YATSKIV Roman, GRYM Jan, HAMPLOVÁ Marie

Hydrogen gas has been widely used in research and industry. However, hydrogen is volatile and extremely flammable and a small leakage of high concentration of hydrogen-containing gases can cause explosion. Development of hydrogen sensors with high sensitivity, short response time, small size and low cost is in great demand. Deposition of colloidal solutions is used to fabricate extremely sensitive Schottky-based hydrogen sensor elements. High quality Schottky diodes are prepared by the deposition of colloidal graphite on semiconductor substrates decorated with (sub)monolayers of PVP-protected Pt nanoparticles. The Pt nanoparticles with the averrage diameter of 3 nm serve to dissociate hydrogen molecules and to alter the Schottky barrier height in the presence of hydrogen. Changes of the Schottky barrier height are detected by electrical measurements.