DROBÍKOVÁ Klára VSB - Technical University of Ostrava

Characterization and Effect of UV Irradition on Polyamide1010 and Polyamide1010/Kaolinite

Co-authors PEIKERTOVÁ Pavlína, MAMULOVÁ KUTLÁKOVÁ Kateřina, TOKARSKÝ Jonáš, MATĚJKA Vlastimil, LU Yafei

Polyamides are significant engineering polymers with various applications, e.g, flexible plastic pipes for the liquid and the gas transport. Nowadays, high and persistent activity in research area of clay-based polymer fillers is apparent. Clay incorporation could bring the significant improvement of the mechanical properties of polymers. This contribution is focused on (1) the study of the polymer polyamide1010 and polyamide1010 filled with kaolinite and (2) characterization of UV induced changes in morphology and structure of the prepared samples. For this study two types of samples were prepared: pure polyamide1010 and polyamide1010 containing 20 wt.% of calcined kaolinite at 600 °C. Both samples were treated by UV-B irradiation for 24 hours. Morphology and changes in surface roughness were observed in three-dimensional images obtained from both samples by atomic force microscopy. Structural changes in the polymers after incorporation of the clay into the polymer matrix and after UV irradiation were characterized by Raman and Fourier Transform Infrared spectroscopy, which are very sensitive to structural changes. In addition, X-ray diffraction analysis was performed on all samples. ACKNOWLEDGEMENTS: This work is supported by the Ministry of Education, Youth and Sports of Czech Republic (project LH12184).