JEZERSKÁ Lucie VSB - Technical University of Ostrava

Comparative Study of Titanium Dioxide's Rheological Properties

Co-authors HLOSTA Jakub, ŽÍDEK Martin, ZEGZULKA Jiří, JEZERSKÁ Lucie, NEČAS Jan

Titanium dioxide is widely used material. Although it was described some 210 years ago, it still represents a topic of intense scientific research and also many publications were written. The rapidly growing interest in this material has been recently initiated by its special utilization. Titanium dioxide is used primarily as a component of paints and plastics, paper, leather, the treatment of ceramics, but also as an additive in food or as an ingredient in cosmetics and pharmaceutics. The aim of the presented paper is characterization of TiO2 samples which show different rheological properties due to different volume of fine particles. Experimental work was performed by the Freeman Technology FT4 Powder Rheometer and CPS DC24000 Disk Centrifuge. The devices allow obtaining a considerable amount of information about powder properties and behaviour like a bulk density, granulometry, friction, compressibility, aeration, permeability or mechanical interlocking. All of these parameters give information about behaviour of bulk solids in wide scale of industrial applications because many flow failures can happen. (e.g. arches, chimneys, etc.). Two commercial samples which differed in size fine particles fraction were used. The results of laboratory experiments show that difference in fine fraction has an influence on the rheological properties of the samples and their further processing. The changes were observed mainly in compression factors and permeability powders.