TRUHLÁŘ Michal Institute of Physics of Materials AS CR v.v.i.

Comparison of Different Measurement Method of Mechanical Properties of Al Thin Film

Co-authors BURŠÍKOVÁ Vilma, SOBOTA Jaroslav, KRUML Tomáš

The paper compares tree different method for mechanical testing of metal thin layers: microcompression test, nanoindentation and bulge test. Microcompression test is one possibility how to perform mechanical tests on a very small scale. This method requires preparation of a small cylindrical specimen of micrometric size by FIB and performing a compression test using nanoindenter device equipped with a flat diamond punch. Stress-strain curves of the thin film were obtained from microcompression test. Experimentally measured data on pillars need correction to obtain accurate material properties. Nanoindentation tests were then conducted to compare the results. The third method used for the measurement of mechanical properties was the bulge test.We performed successfully tests with the aim to determine elastic and plastic properties of thin films deposited on a substrate by PVD method. For deposition we use four different metal thin layers – AlCu, AlCuW, AlSi, AlCuSi with thickness 2um and grain size 3,8um in average. In this paper, we announce the results of measurements, a comparison of the results obtained by each method and identify advantages and limitations of the methods.