JIRSÁK Jan J. E. Purkinje University in Usti nad Labem

Molecular Insight into Needleless Electrospinning Technology

Co-authors MOUČKA Filip, NEZBEDA Ivo

Electrospinning from the free surface of polymer solutions, such as the patented NANOSPIDER(TM) technology, successfully produces fibres only in a narrow window of conditions (applied voltage, solution composition, temperature, etc.). The lack of understanding of the process at a molecular level makes the determination of the suitable conditions rely essentially on the trial-and-error approach. The present contribution is focused on applying molecular simulation methods to the process. We employ molecular dynamics with the intermolecular potentials commonly used in liquid-state simulations to model the surface of the electrospun solution phase subject to a strong electrostatic field. Our method helps us reveal the microscopic picture of the jetting onset and identify the role of solution components, viz., water, ions, and macromolecules.