PEŠKOVÁ Kristýna Technical University of Liberec

Comparison of Migration and Reactive Properties of New Types of Iron Nanoparticles

Co-authors NOSEK Jaroslav, MASOPUSTOVÁ Zuzana

This paper presents the results of comparative laboratory test focused on comparison of reactive and migration properties of new types of iron nanoparticles (nZVI). In this paper are specifically compared the results of batch experiments and column test of a new types of iron non pyrophoric powder STAR with additional surface modification by different organic stabilizers and of nanoiron NANOFER 25S (N25S) made by NANO IRON s.r.o., which represents the commercially available standard product. The test results show the different character of powder from the viewpoint of the reactivity as well as of the migration. This is given by different method of preparation. The resulting particles are covered on the surface by oxide layer and have higher middle size. In general it can be stated, that the powder STAR compared to N25S has slower reactivity due to gradual disintegration of surface oxide layer and that the powder STAR reaches slower migration because of the absence of smaller fractions with high mobility.