NEVYHOŠTĚNÝ Stanislav Technical University of Liberec

The Incorporation of Insoluble Anorganic Particles into Polymeric Nanofibers

Co-authors GRÉGR Jan, KOŠŤÁKOVÁ Eva

Zirconium, cerium, praseodymium, hafnium, lead and bismuth tungstate particles were obtained via the reaction of heavy metal oxides and nitrates with tungstic acid. Particles were then ground and calcinated at 800 °C. After cooling, they were characterized by zeta-sizer and SEM-EDS. Particles were then ultrasonically dispersed in an ethanol solution of polyvinylbutyral and nanofibers were created from the mixture via the processes of needleless DC electrospinning and AC electrospinning. Obtained nanocomposite layers were tested for gamma radiation attenuation, using the Am 241 radionuclide as a source. Heavy metal particles were regularly distributed in the resulting materials and the attenuation of gamma radiation measured for the materials was significant.