CUDLÍNOVÁ Marcela Nanoprogres, z.s.p.o.

Coaxial Electrodes for Electrospinning


Coaxial nanofibers are bi-component nanofibers produced by technology known as coaxial electrospinning. Coaxial electrospinning is a unique technique recently developed to incorporate drugs and bioactive agents in composite nanofibers with core/shell structure. This technology allows production of nanofibers with various chemical and physical properties. Three types of coaxial electrodes were developed with respect to producibility and the material used. Needle coaxial spinning electrode is used for small amounts of polymeric material and low producibility of nanofibers. Cylindrical and Slit coaxial spinning electrodes are use for higher producibility of nanofibers. All these electrodes and electrospinning device were developed for cluster Nanoprogres by the Technical University of Liberec.