ŠVRČEK Jiří Bochemie a.s.

Nanoscale Zinc Oxide – High Perspective Nanomaterial

Co-authors BIERSKÁ Lenka, SOUČEK Martin, KRÝSA Josef

Zinc oxide (ZnO) is a white solid inorganic powder (a diameter of common type 0.2-3 µm) that is widely used in a lot of industrial segments. The main applications include rubber and ceramics, but also include paints, animal food, pharmaceuticals and numerous other products and processes of our daily life. In fact the global usage of ZnO is over 1 billion tons per year. Nanoscale ZnO (nano = a diameter less than 100 nm) is a much younger type of this material, nevertheless it currently ranks among commonly, plentifully used and fast-growing nanomaterials. Nano ZnO has attracted great interest due to its better (in some cases unique) properties (e.g. anti-microbial, anti-corrosion, photo-catalytic, UV filtering), compared to the common type, which is awarded to its nanoscale. From literature but most importantly from our experiments in selected applications, we can say that nano ZnO shows comparable or better properties than common type ZnO even at a lower dosage. The usage of nano ZnO is thus advantageous from an economic as well as an environmental view. Nowadays prognoses say that nano could completely replace common type ZnO in near future. BOCHEMIE has dealt with zinc chemistry over a long period of time and plans to be a leader producer of nano ZnO in middle Europe. We have done vast research in the area of nano ZnO preparation and have studied its anti-microbial, photo-catalytic and vulcanizing activity. In this contribution we would like to present some of these results.