VOLESKÝ Lukáš Technical University of Liberec

BIONICS – Housefly Like Inspiration

Co-authors ŠAFKA Jiří, BAKALOVÁ Totka

Bionics is a relatively young science, which was founded by the late 50's and 60 's of the 19th Century. This branch of science is the study of natural organisms, materials and structures. These findings are trying to convert to technology. Life on earth has existed for more than 4 billion years. Throughout the organisms on the planet had to adapt to hostile conditions prevailing here. These adaptations brought most of the natural structures and materials to perfection. In this article it was studied a primitive animal, at first sight, that bother many people . The aim of the study is the housefly . How could this little annoying insects inspired us? Housefly is a very good flier, which can very well plough through the vertical smooth glass surface and has a very short reaction time on the stimulus. By scanning electron microscope, we entered into the secret of how to plough through the smooth vertical walls. We were inspired by the structure located at the end of feet of housefly. After a detailed study it was made a model of the feet of housefly in a macro scale . This model was subsequently tested for the functionality in a macro scale.