BAKALOVA Totka Technical University of Liberec

Effect of Natural Fillers in the Form of Nanoparticles on the Tribological Properties of Process Fluids

Co-authors Lukáš VOLESKÝ, Petr LOUDA, Petra ŠKODOVÁ

Technological attributes of the process fluids, especially their tribological and anti-adhesion behavior during machining are very important. The aim of the tribology is to ensure, that the relative motion of two surfaces is happening with the least energy and material loss. During machining leads to contamination process fluids influence to the technological process. These contaminations can be strongly expressed not only by inappropriate actions of the fluid during the technological process, but also increased economic costs. The quality of the process fluid is also influenced by a bacterial infection. Using natural fillers in a form of nanoparticles is one of the ways to inhibit bacteria and improve biological and technological stability of the fluids. The resistance of process fluids against bacterial infection defines consequent lifetime of the fluid.