RYPAROVÁ Pavla Czech Technical University in Prague

Evaluation Biocidal Effect of Nanofiber Textiles Prepared based on PVA and Biocidal Compounds against Mold and Wood Decaying Fungi

Co-authors WASSERBAUER Richard, HROCHOVÁ Petra

We prepared nanofiber textiles doped Preventol A8, boric acid, Wocosen 50 TK and other by electrospinning on device Nanospiser LB 500 at Nanocenter of civil engineering at CTU. The textiles are stabilized by thermal treatment at 140°C and by chemical method by methanol. As a model organism was used Aspergillus niger and Serpula lacrymans or Coniophora puteana and other. The experiment was made on the agar plate under suitable condition for microorganism. The effect was evaluated as a halo distance around samples. The results show strong dependence on type additional biocidal compounds and their concentration and it is different between model organisms. The positive biocidal effect was evinced Preventol A8, Wocosen 50 TK and their combination, no effect had boric acid. The strong biocide properties was shown against Coniophora puteana and weak effect against Serpula lacrymans.