BLAŽKOVÁ Lenka Technical University of Liberec

Production of Scaffolds for Artificial Cartilage by Centrifugal Spinning

Co-authors PILAŘOVÁ Kateřina, MORÁVKOVÁ Jaroslava

Centrifugal spinning is one of the technologies which allows to produce microfibers and nanofibers from polymeric solutions or melts. Centrifugal spun fibres are characterized by wide distribution of fiber diameters from nanometers to several micrometers and different inter pores sizes. Fibrous structure is fluffy. For these reasons, tissue enginnering is one of the potencial applications for centrifugally spun fibers in terms of cell proliferation and adhesion. This work will be focused on the production of scaffold for artificial cartilage prepared by centrifugal spinning on industrial equipment Fiber Engine from company FibeRio Technology Corporation (USA). Polycaprolactone solution in chloroform and ethanol will be used as material for centrifugal spinning. Forcespun material will be tested in-vitro with 3T3 mouse fibroblasts. The growth of cells on tested polycaprolactone samples will be monitored. Different analysis of polycaprolactone samples such as MTT test, microscopy techniques - scanning electrone microscop and fluorescent microscop and basic statistics will be done for evaluation of results.