YALCINKAYA Baturalp Technical University of Liberec

Estimation of Fiber Morphology in Electrospinning of Polyurethane Solutions

Electrospinning of solution of Polyurethane in various concentrations and various tetraethylammonium bromide additives in dimethylformamide carried out under different voltages and jet current were measured. The effects of surface tension, viscosity, conductivity of solutions and applied voltages on the fiber morphology were investigated. The feed rate was kept constant during experiments. Result showed that surface tension and viscosity of solution had no effect on the jet current. However they had significant effect on jet forming and their morphologies. On the other side conductivity and applied voltage play important role on both the jet current and morphologies while by increasing the solutions conductivity and applied voltage the jet current was increased. During electrospinning of polyurethane solutions, six jet regimes were observed. The result of measured jet current show that all jet regimes had specific diagram of currents and believed that diagram of current lead the way to estimate fiber morphology.