KREMLEV Kirill Razuvaev Institute of Organometallic Chemistry of RAS

Synthesis and Characterization of MWCNTs coated with Titanium Carbide Thin Films

Co-authors OBIEDKOV Anatoliy, KAVERIN Boris, KETKOV Sergey, SEMENOV Nikolay, GUSEV Sergey, TATARSKY Dmitriy, YUNIN Pavel, DODONOV Viktor, ILYANOV Sergey, VAGANOV Viktor

Hybrid materials based on multiwall carbon nanotubes (MWCNTs) with various metal-containing nanoparticles or coatings deposited on their surface are promising sources for new reinforced composites with polymer and metal matrices as well as for construction of new catalytic and sensor devices. It is especially interesting to obtain MWCNTs coated with titanium carbide nanocoating on the surface, which, in particular, can be used as a catalytic systems, additives in various alloys, additives in acrylate adhesive compositions and as gas sensors. We synthesized MWCNT arrays with the 80 nm average outer diameter of nanotubes by MOCVD at 825°C. Ferrocene and toluene were used as precursors. Deposition of titanium carbide nanocoating on the surfaces of MWCNTs was performed by MOCVD with titanium-containing organometallic as precursor. Titanium carbide nanocoatings with various morphology and structure depending on the synthesis parameters were synthesized. We obtained titanium carbide thin films with thickness of 2 - 15 nm on surface of MWCNTs. Composition and structure of hybrid material MWCNT/titanium carbide were investigated. The data of the structures and properties of the samples were obtained by X-RAY, TGA, SEM and HRTEM.