BÍLEK Petr Technical University of Liberec

Influence of Structure Uniformity of Nanofibrous Filters on Their Homogeneity of Filtration Efficiency

Co-authors ŠIDLOF Petr, HRŮZA Jakub

This paper deals with an influence of structure features of nanofibrous filters on their filtration efficiency versus position. Nanofibrous filtration textiles are made by electro-spinning and different conditions causes different filter structures and other pore size distributions. These materials are non-woven and they are composed from individual fibers, which are laying crisscross. This structure is not uniform as a sieve, but it includes places with higher/lower fiber density, which significantly decreases filtration efficiency. The uniformity of a filter is commonly measured under an electron microscope. In this article the uniformity is determined on the basis of measurement of the filtration efficiency versus position. Woven and nanofibrous nonwoven filtration materials are tested by submicron artificial particles and compared with each other. Experiments were realized on the water filtration setup, which allows an optical entrance to the place, where a sample of filter is situated.