Assoc. Prof. Ing. Anton FOJTIK, CSc.

Czech Technical University in Prague, Prague, Czech Republic, EU

Specialization: Quantum nanostructures, Physical, and chemical properties of quantum nanostructures. Semiconductors, metals, and organic materials. Preparation and spatial modeling of such structures. Chemical and physical manipulations, sandwich structures. Transfer and localization of electric charges on nanoparticles. Nanostructures for application in biology and medicine .

A. Fojtik graduated in the Faculty of Technical and Nuclear Physics (presently Faculty of Nuclear Sciences and Physical Engineering) of the Czech Technical University in Prague. During 1982-1994 he was one of the leading figures in laying down the foundations and subsequent development of quantum nanostructure studies at the prestigious research institution (Hahn-Meitner-Institut in Berlin). In the period 1994-1996 he devoted himself to the research of Si and Ge quantum nanostructures (e.g. studies of “luminous silicon” in the Institute of Physics in Garching, TU Mnichov). He realized middle and long term visits to several universities abroad (USA, Russia).

He is a member of several foreign scientific societies (New York Academy of Science, American Association for the Advancement of Science). He received quite a number of scientific and professional awards (e.g. for several times the prize of the Academy of Sciences of Czechoslovak Republic). He is an author of 5 patents (e.g. the Color Front of the National Theatre New Scene – for which he was awarded with state distinction).

More than 100 published original papers, number of citations (more then 2000). Hirsch Index – is of 21. He is being quoted as the very first researcher who started with experimental studies of nanostructures in the Czech Republic.

During the period 1986-88 his publications about the quantum nanostructures made from semiconductors obtained a very prestigious placement among the first one hundred most cited papers in the world (e.g. the 47th place according to the Current Contents citation analysis, Vol. 28, No. 48, 1988, pp. 3-13).

Presently, he is active in formation and educating physics of nanostructures as well as teaching topics like particle nanostructures, nanochemistry and nanophysics.


List of  some most cited publications:

  • Fojtik A, Weller H, Koch U, Henglein A: Photo-chemistry of colloidal metal sulfides. 8 Photo-physics of extremely small CdS particles – Q-state CDS and Magis agglomeration numbers; Berichte der Bunsen-Gesselschaft-Physical Chemistry Chemical Physics 88 (10): 969-977, 1984. Times Cited: 282
  • Weller H, Schmidt HM, Koch U, Fojtik A, Baral S, Henglein A, Kunath W, Weiss K, Dieman E: Photochemistry of semiconductor colloids.14. Photochemistry of colloidal semiconductors – Onset of light-Absorption as function of size of extremely small  CdS particles; Chemical physics letters 124 (6): 557-560 MAR 14 1986. Times Cited: 228
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  • Baral S, Fojtik A, Weller H, Henglein A,: Photochemistry and Radiation-Chemistry of colloidal semiconductors .12. Intermediates of the oxidation of extremely small particles of CdS, ZnS, AND Cd3P2  and size quantization effects (a pulse-radiolysis study); Journal of the American Chemical Society 108 (3): 375-378 FEB 5 1986, Times Cited: 109