Prof. Ing. Vaclav BOUDA, CSc.

Czech Technical University in Prague, Prague, Czech Republic, EU

Specialization in research: Materials Science and Technology, Electrically Conductive Composite Plastics, Bioinspired Actuators, Directed Self-Assembly of Materials

Specialization in education: Materials for Electronics, Nanoscience and Nanotechnology

V. Bouda graduated in Czech Technical University in Prague, Faculty of Mechanical Engineering in Department of Material Science (1963), Associate Professor for Physics and Ultimate States of Materials (1986). Since 1997 professor for Materials in Electrical Engineering at Czech Technical University in Prague and head of  Department of Mechanics and Materials, presently in Department of Electrotechnology.

1969-70 research worker in Department of Physical Chemistry of Rijks Universiteit in Leiden, Netherlands, engaged in project on physics of polymers in glassy state in co-operation with Research Institute TNO in Delft. 1974-75 expert in education at the Department of Machine Design at Military Technical College in Cairo, Egypt. In 1991 academic visitor in Imperial College London and Technical University Berlin in the framework of educational project of EU Tempus. 1994-95 research worker in Technical University in Munich, Department of Physics of Semiconductors in the field of semi-conductive polymers and plastics. Since 2005 member of the program committee of the annual conferences SPIE Smart Structures - Electroactive Polymer Actuators and Devices in San Diego, USA. Since 2010 member of Management Committee of the COST Action European Scientific Network for Artificial Muscles.     

Member of the Materials Research Society (USA), The Society of Rheology at the American Institute of Physics, and member of The Institution of Materials (UK). In Czech Republic is a Member of The Society of New Materials and Technologies, Czech Chemical Society, Society for Metal Science and member of the Board of the Czech grant program Nanotechnology for Society.


Selected recent publications

Bouda, V.: Converging Technologies in Nanotechnology Education. In Proceedings of Int. Conference Nanocon 2009 in Roznov, Tanger Ostrava, CZ, p. 15-22, ISBN 977880-87294-13-0
International patent PCT /CZ2006/000094 Electromechanical Transducer – Sliding Nanoactuator (SNA), UPV 15.12.2006
Bouda, V. - Boudová, L. - Haluzíková, D.: Colloidal Phase Transition in Muscles - Analogy to Actuators. In: Transducing Materials and Devices.Bellingham, WA, USA : The International Society for Optical Engineering, 2003, vol. 1, p. 111-119. ISBN 0-8194-4741-2.
Bouda, V.: Evolution of Carbon Self-Assembly in Colloidal Phase Diagram. In: Three-Dimensional Nanoengineered Assemblies. Warrendale, PA :Materials Research Society, 2003, vol. 1, p. 139-144. ISBN 1-55899-676-1.
Bouda, V.: Functionally Graded Carbon Black Loaded Polymeric Materials. In: Proceedings of the International Conference Functionally Graded Materials. Vol. 1. Koeln: Trans Tech Publications. 1999. p. 608-613. - ISBN 0-87849-833-8
Bouda,V.: Intelligent Processing of Carbon-Black Loaded Materials. The 1997 ASME Int. Mechanical Engineering Congress, Nov 16-21, 1997, Dallas, Texas, USA. Proceedings: CAE and Intelligent Processing of Polymeric Materials, p.281-298, New York, The American Society of Mechanical Engineers, 1997

At the Programme Committee of the NANOCON conference V. Bouda is responsible person of the thematic topic Preparation and Properties of nanomaterials.Czech Technical University in Prague, Faculty of Electrical Engineering, Department of Electrotechnology