PROŠEK Zdeněk Institute of Physics of the AS CR, v.v.i.

Spoluautoři INDROVÁ Kateřina, RYPAROVÁ Pavla, RÁCOVÁ Zuzana, NEŽERKA Václav, TESÁREK Pavel, KROMKA Alexander

Nanofiber textiles can be efficiently modified using nanoparticles to accomplish desired properties. Such modification, often achieved by using silver, copper ions or even nanodiamonds (NDP), can render the nanofiber textiles with their antibacterial character. From practical point of view any uses of nanofibers must also pursue enough high mechanical strength and/or stability. The present study investigates the influence of NDP on mechanical properties of multi-layer PVA nanofiber textiles. The particles of a diameter equal to 5 nm were incorporated into double- and triple-layer textiles, while the single-layer samples were prepared as the reference. The diameter of PVA nanofibers varied from 100 to 300 nm. We characterized the tensile strength, stiffness and ductility of fabricated nanofibers by using a conventional method – a tensile test. We found that the NDP-enriched nanofibers reveal antibacterial character. However, none or negligible influence of NDP additions on the tested mechanical properties was observed.